Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Create

Today I finally have some time to breathe. For some reason, the last two weeks have been so full that I haven't taken the time to post here, but stray bits of poetry have come to me in odd moments nonetheless. This is something I jotted on the back of another piece of paper before running off to do something else. I found it this morning, read it, and realized I'd written a poem after all. Funny how that works sometimes.

How to Create

We are here to turn things on their heads
To stir the pot
To break free
To spin out of control in so forceful a turning
That we carve new pathways through the rocks

Every thought we hold - 
Even a thought we fight against -
That is different in some way
That smacks of rebellion
That leads us even a tiny bit astray from how others tell us we must think
Strikes sparks of joy in the Universe

It is just such rebellious thoughts
That add most to Creation