Friday, October 9, 2009

A lot has happened in my life since last I added my thoughts to this blog. My friend, Dale, has left us, enriched by the memories of a life fully lived. I've travelled to Shasta with six soul sisters. And, of course, I've been caught up in the events that define our lives. But finally, I have a poem I want to post. It carries a few of the memories of my Shasta trip.

From Shasta, I Know...

From Shasta, double shouldered mountain
I learned to see beyond the nearest range
In the panther’s meadow, as I walked
I learned to listen to more than I could hear
In the purity of deep Castle Lake
I saw reflections of all that ever was
And though snow clouds hid the fullness of the moon
I knew myself enlightened nonetheless

A trip to such a place of earthly grandeur
Brings deepest revelation of God’s love

Copyright © 2009 Mary Beth Watt. All rights reserved.