Friday, May 14, 2010

If We Listen

If we listen,
We first will hear the silence
Of the secret place within us
That awaits the lesson

If we listen, 
We next will hear a song,
A melody that sings with us
And is ours to keep

If we listen,
And share our new found melody
All the wisdom locked in nature
Will suddenly seem clear

Shall we listen?
Give ourselves to messages of soul?
If we do, we fill our secret reservoir
With all we need to know
Copyright © 2010 Mary Beth Watt. All rights reserved.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May We Know Peace

Today I once again write about peace, but this time with a more prayerful approach.

May we see the peace that is the center of All
May we hear the music of daily creation
May we feel the joy at the core of our being
May we taste the abundance that sustains us
And smell the perfume of our earth
May all our earthly senses open to what is manifest
So that our broader sense may know
Our connection to the universe
It is then that we will understand that
Peace truly is the center of All
Copyright © 2010 Mary Beth Watt. All rights reserved.