Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been thinking about what next to post here. Given what is going on around us - market crashes, floods, the spewing of oil into fragile spaces on a scale bringing destruction we can't even fathom - it is sometimes difficult to reach for thoughts of joy and peace. And yet, I think that is exactly what we should be doing, now perhaps more than ever. I am a believer that thought creates reality. I am a believer in hope.

My poem today is an answer to a question we all must sooner or later ask.

What is it I believe?
  I believe that belief itself is our most powerful tool of creation
  I believe we can hold fast to what we want, knowing it must come
  I believe that, however dark the times,
    our beliefs bring light to illumine what is good
  I believe that, in force, our beliefs unite for purpose
    and we manifest what next is seen to be true
  I believe in love of mother and fathers and sisters and brothers
    and of our singular mother, Earth
May our beliefs bring light to dark places and joy to our days
So that well-being must be felt even by those who doubt.
Copyright © 2010 Mary Beth Watt. All rights reserved.

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